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Breathwork & Sound
Vibration and Energy Healing

~Restore Balance. 
                                      Mind, Body and Spirit.~

Breathwork (Guided, conscious deep breathing) is an incredible tool for self healing. Too often, we become overstimulated and overwhelmed by the many external stressors of life. Through breathwork we bring our full, undivided attention to what is going on inside of us, by consciously connecting to our body and emotions.  When we give ourselves permission to freely feel, we can access buried emotion that needs our attention. Conscious breath work also allows us to tap into inner peace and calm, while connecting to our own limitless supply of good energy. 

Rock Balancing
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Sound therapy is rooted in the knowing that all matter is comprised of energy. Humans are energetic beings. Much like we can tune a musical instrument, we can tune our bodies by syncing our energy with harmonious frequency. Research in Cymatics and Biosonics suggests that sacred tones and frequencies can have a direct calming effect on our body's bio chemistry and nervous system, resulting in a unique restorative process. As we stir up energy and awaken our life force through breath, an immediate follow up of the sound bath meditation is the perfect compliment.  


Upcoming Retreats:

Jan 2023 Enlightened path of The Chakras A Mini- Retreat (1920 × 1400 px)_edited.jpg

(No Upcoming Dates Currently)

 > Niagara Edition - Port Colborne, Ontario 
- Oak Tree Yoga & Wellness ~ 240 West Street
- Friday Jan 6th ~ 6:30pm - 9:30pm

 > Toronto West Edition
- Modo Yoga Bloor West  2481a Bloor St West
- Saturday May 21 ' 2022 ~ 6:30pm - 9:30pm 

> Niagara Edition, Fort Erie Ontario
- The Yoga Dome ~ 2873 Ridgemount Rd
- Saturday April 2nd, 2022 ~ 6:30pm - 9:30pm 

What to expect from a half day Mini- Retreat...

Self - connection. The mini- retreat is designed to re-store and re-balance the body and mind through physical, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual connection. To the theme of  Enlightened path of the Chakras  we tune in to the bodies 7 main energy centers through the use of gentle yoga / movement, crystal therapy, conscious breath work & sound bath modalities. With a strong emphasis on the philosophy to "Be Here Now" we grant ourselves permission to let go of external daily stress and show up for ourselves in a nurturing and meaningful way.

Retreats are 3 hours long and held at various locations in the GTA, Niagara and Durham Region

PLEASE NOTE: The Mini- Retreat is not offered as psychotherapy treatment. It is a 3 hour Getaway, used for stress reduction, relaxation, and possibly releasing built up emotion from the body. We focus on energetic and spiritual wellness. This retreat does not take the place of medical or mental health care. All participants will be asked to sign a consent form. 

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