Breathwork & Sound Bath Meditations

~Restore Balance. 
                                      Mind, Body and Spirit.~

Rock Balancing

Breathwork (Guided, conscious deep breathing) is an incredible tool for self healing. Too often, we become overstimulated and overwhelmed by the many external stressors of life. Through breathwork we bring our full, undivided attention to what is going on inside of us, by consciously connecting to our bodies and emotions.  When we give ourselves permission to freely feel, we allow ourselves to tap into inner peace and calm, while connecting to our body's own limitless supply of good energy. 

Sound therapy is rooted in the knowing that we are energetic beings. Much like we can tune a musical instrument, we can tune our bodies by syncing our energy with harmonious frequency. Some research suggests that sacred tones and frequencies can have a direct calming effect on our body's bio chemistry and nervous system, resulting in a unique restorative process. As we stir up energy and awaken our life force through breath, an immediate follow up of the sound bath meditation is the perfect compliment.  


The Breathwork and sound workshop is approximately 90 minutes in length. We begin with a short discussion on how to prepare and what to expect, followed by 25 - 30 minutes of continuous breathwork. The breathwork is immediately followed by 25 minutes of sound bath. We leave 15 - 20 minutes for relaxation and discussion at the end of the session, for participants to take their time coming out of the meditation. 

Upcoming Breathwork & Sound Bath Meditations:

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PLEASE NOTE: The breath and sound workshop is not offered as psychotherapy treatment. It is a gentle technique used for stress reduction, relaxation, and possibly releasing built up emotion from the body. This workshop does not take the place of medical or mental health care. All participants will be asked to sign a consent form.