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Psychotherapy Services

~Set yourself free. Live the life you are truly meant to live~

Offering 1:1 therapy services for adults (16+). I offer both a traditional and spiritual approach to psychotherapy, depending on what best suits the client's needs. Being client centered, I empower clients to determine the direction we take in therapy. I work at their pace, and comfort level. I start my sessions with talk therapy and depending on what issues are presenting for the client, we go from there. My healing philosophy involves a holistic mind-body-spirit perspective.

Some healing modalities used along with talk therapy include:​

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

- Meeting the Inner Child

- Mindfulness & Meditation

- Transactional Analysis

- Sub-Personality Work

- Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Inquiry

- Chakra Work & Emotional Cording

- Connection to Higher Self

- Gestalt Therapy & Psychodrama

- Internal Family Systems

- Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

- Attachment Based Therapy 


Some common issues explored in Psychotherapy include: 


Anxiety affects many people and comes in many different forms. Sometimes its is general and constant, and sometimes it comes on abruptly in the form of "attacks". Anxiety is often accompanied by feelings of nervousness, panic, fear or disconnection from ones self and others. It is also common to feel physical effects of anxiety, such as increased heart rate, disorientation and sweating. Psychotherapy can often help understand the root of anxiety and provide tools for controlling / coping with these unwanted feelings.  


Human Sexuality doesn't always fit into the rigid categories expressed by hetero-normative dominant culture . Sexuality can be better understood as a spectrum, where each person falls somewhere along that line, respectfully. Often people live with shame or self-resentment based on their sexuality, gender, orientation or other. Therapy can help resolve issues of shame, and empower clients to fully accept their authentic selves without judgment.  


Depression is another common issue that affects many people in different ways. Some people move through their daily lives feeling an overwhelming sense of being alone, empty, or sad. Other people experiencing depression can struggle to simply even get out of bed in the morning. Therapy is a great way to help understand where these feelings are coming from. Often just having someone to talk to, can be healing and help us to feel better. Sometimes it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I can hold the light for you, until you can see it for yourself.   

Abuse / Trauma

Past or current abuse and trauma can affect our lives in very meaningful ways. For some clients, abusive and traumatic events have been repressed, yet the effects of that trauma still greatly affect their behaviors and interferes with their daily lives. 

In therapy, we do not necessarily have to re-visit or re-traumatize ourselves in order to transform and heal the effects & energy around the abuse/ trauma. In any case when we are working with trauma, it is extremely important that we work only at the pace the client is comfortable with.  


Relationship issues are one of the most common reasons that people seek therapy. Since relationships are such a constant and meaningful part of our daily lives, it can weigh on us heavily when we are not getting along well with our loved ones. Often we can get caught in patterns of behavior that are no longer working for us, and our relationships struggle. Therapy can help clients to clarify and understand what is working and what is not. We can work together to identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviors that could be hurting our relationships. 

Self -Worth

Self-esteem and Self-worth are issues that all people struggle with at some point in life. Sometimes, due to defenses or limiting beliefs we have programmed or adopted, our perceptions becomes clouded. We no longer see ourselves for who we really are and the limitless potential that we possess. Working on self-love is an ongoing process for everyone. Therapy can often help clients transform limiting beliefs about themselves and tap-in to that divine light that is within each and every one of us.

Although these are common examples, not all concerns and issues that are discussed in therapy are listed above.  

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