My Approach

I offer 1:1 therapy services for adults. I offer both a clinical and spiritual approach to psychotherapy, depending on what best suits the client's needs. Being client centered, I allow clients to determine the direction we take in therapy. I work at their pace, and comfort level. I start my sessions with talk therapy and depending on what issues are presenting / coming up for the client, we go from there. My healing philosophy involves a holistic mind-body-spirit perspective. Some of the healing modalities I use aside from talk therapy include:​​

- Meeting the Inner Child

- Mindfulness & Meditation

- Transactional Analysis

- Sub-Personality Work

- Body Psychotherapy

- Chakra Work & Emotional Chording

- Connection to Higher Self

- Gestalt Therapy & Psychodrama

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Also offering Breathwork and Sound Bath meditations, as a non-psychotherapeutic option for stress release, relaxation, and mental clarity.