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School Kids Meditating

Mind Your Business

~Mindful Awareness and Emotional Learning for Kids~

Mind Your Business   4 Week workshop for the community and the classroom empowers young people by teaching them they have the ability to control their emotional & mental wellness. Students are faced with all sorts of challenges & pressures these days that can lead to feelings of anxiousness, sadness, frustration & isolation. Childhood stressors can cause kids to become so agitated that they may find it difficult to express themselves, focus on schoolwork, and properly socialize with peers at times. And with all of the hard work they do, classroom teachers really have their hands full. Teacher's jobs are busy enough without having to meet the social/emotional needs of their students on top of everything else they do. That is exactly why Mind Your Business workshop was created. We introduce mindful awareness as a method to help students cope with overwhelming emotions and social issues. Mindfulness and meditation are excellent tools to help children develop self awareness and initiate their own emotional self learning.

Research shows that mindfulness and meditation have been proven to effectively help children:

Manage and control anxiety

Increase attention and focus

Improve social-emotional development

Feel happier and more relaxed

Boost Working Memory

Improve concentration

Reduce hyperactive behavior

Resolve emotions

Cope with stress

Build positive relationships


The Workshop

 Four week Program (1 hr lesson/ week)

Week 1: "VIBES" 

(Self regulation) Identifying and controlling our emotions.

Meditation: "I breath out negativity from my body. I breath in and fill myself with positivity and peace"

Week 2: "THE GIFT"

 (Bullying & Self Esteem) Being responsible for the things we accept.

Meditation: "An intention of Love, healing and forgiveness to ourselves and others"


Week 3: "THANKS"

(Empathy & Gratitude) The power of empathy & a grateful heart.

Meditation: "An expression of thanks, for ourselves and our loved ones"


(A Mindful Mindset) We always have the power to control how we feel.

Meditation: Group energy circle


  (Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto area) 


Group A: (Ages  6 - 9) 

Group B: (Ages 10 -14)


Time Frame: Four 1 Hour Sessions  (For 4 WEEKS)

 (No workshops currently) 


(Oakville, Mississauga,  Etobicoke, Toronto area) 



Time Frame: Four 1 Hour Sessions  (For 4 WEEKS)

Location: Your Classroom or School's Library.

Teachers have the choice of same date and time slot (1hr)  

For 4 consecutive weeks.

WEEK 1 ("Vibes" Emotional regulation)               Same weekday & time (example: Weds 1-2pm) 


WEEK 2 ("The Gift" Bullying & Self Esteem)     Same weekday & time (example: Weds 1-2pm)


WEEK 3 ("Thanks" Empathy & Gratitude)          Same weekday & time (example: Weds 1-2pm)


WEEK 4   ("Mind Over Matter" Mindset)             Same weekday & time (example: Weds 1-2pm)

Mind Your Business

Mindful Awareness & Emotional Learning For Kids

(Curriculum / Workshop) 


Kids Running

With a Masters degree in education and a love for children, creating the Mind your Business workshop was a natural development in my work. I feel that empowering children with tools such as mindful awareness and emotional learning is a great way to help pave the way for good mental health in young people.

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