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Mind Your Business

~Mindfulness, Meditation & Stress Reduction for Your Business~

Mind Your Business  workshop was created for the corporate business space. This workshop empowers your staff  by teaching them how to improve their own emotional and mental wellness. Employees are faced with all sorts of challenges & pressures that can lead to feelings of anxiousness, frustration & burnout. Workplace stressors can cause staff to become so distressed that they may find it difficult to express themselves, focus on daily work, and properly interact with colleagues at times.  That is exactly why Mind Your Business workshop was created. I introduce mindful awareness and breathwork meditation as a method to help employees cope with the overwhelm and social issues that sometimes lead to burnout. Mindfulness, meditation and breathwork techniques are excellent tools to help employees develop a stronger self awareness and initiate their own healthy coping skills.

Research shows that mindfulness and meditation have been proven to effectively help people:

Manage and control anxiety

Increase attention and focus

Improve social-emotional development

Feel happier and more relaxed

Boost working memory

Improve concentration

Reduce & cope with stress

Build positive relationships


The Workshop

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Mind Your Business workshop

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 Currently booking workshop dates for July 2023. 

With 10 years of experience working in the corporate space, I understand the many stresses and pressures faced by professionals in their day-to-day careers. This is why I created Mind Your Business   workshops to help provide staff and employees with their own mental health tools for managing hectic and stressful lives.  

Mind Your Business

Mindful awareness, meditation and stress reduction workshops for businesses and corporations

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