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Sunset at the Beach

Spiritual Mentoring 

~We can only meet others 
                                  As deeply as we have met ourselves~

Beach at Sunset

Spiritual connection is sometimes the missing component from our lives. We do not have to consider ourselves "religious" in order to live a spiritual life.  The greatest commonality all human beings share, is the energetic life force within us. Whatever we believe our true source to be, there are many benefits to strengthening our connection to it.


Some of these benefits include:

- Strengthening self-awareness

- Creating more internal peace

- Strengthening connection to the natural world 

- Finding meaning & purpose in life

- Appreciating simplicity 

- Deepening connection & empathy for others

-Discovering the wisdom of letting go

- Finding divine guidance from within



Some of the topics discussed in spiritual mentorship include, but are not limited to:

~ Becoming Conscious ~ Meditation  ~ Learning Chakras  ~ Growing Intuition 

~ Moving Into Flow ~ Enlightenment & Awakening ~ Energy & Shielding  

~ Soul Contracts  ~ Meeting Higher Self  ~ The Soul's Human Experience  

~ Energy Healing ~ Connecting to Creation  ~ Synchronicity ~ Vibration & Frequency

~ Understand Soul Needs & Ego Needs ~ Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy

~ Exploration of Death and Dying  ~  Discerning the Difference Between Religion and Spirituality ~ Exploring Spiritual Crisis and Dark Night of the Soul.   


PLEASE NOTE: Spiritual mentoring services are not offered as psychotherapy treatment. 

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