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Couples Counselling 


~We can only meet others 
        as deeply as we have met ourselves~

Relationships are an incredibly meaningful part of our lives. Sometimes when our relationship is suffering and facing challenges, it can really disrupt our peace and flow into other areas of our life. The aim of couples therapy is not to choose sides or place blame. We remain focused on the best interests of the relationship, and explore ways that the couple can tackle their issues as a team. Couples counselling aims to guide couples into deeper connection and understanding topics such as: 


- Communication Patterns

- Trust and Infidelity

- Emotional Intimacy

- Intimacy and Sexual Compatibility

- Conflict resolution

- Life Transitions

- Parenting and Co Parenting

- Quality Time

- Future Plans and Life Goals

Although these are common examples, not all concerns and issues that are discussed in couples therapy are listed above.  

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