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Sunset at the Beach

Spiritual Mentoring 


~We can only meet others 
        As deeply as we have met ourselves~

Spiritual connection is sometimes the missing component from our lives. We don't have to consider ourselves religious in order to live a spiritual life.  The greatest commonality all human beings share, is the energetic life force within us. Whatever you believe your true source to be, I act as a guide in helping you cultivate your own unique connection to spirituality. Some of the many benefits to strengthening our spiritual connection include:

- Strengthening self-awareness

- Creating more internal peace

- Strengthening connection to the natural world 

- Finding meaning & purpose in life

- Appreciating simplicity 

- Deepening connection & empathy for others

-Discovering the wisdom of letting go

- Finding divine guidance from within

Some topics discussed in spiritual mentorship include, but are not limited to:

 ~ Meditation  ~ Learning Chakras  ~ Growing Intuition ~

~ Enlightenment & Awakening ~ Energy & Shielding  ~

~ Soul Contracts  ~ Meeting Higher Self  ~ The Soul's Human Experience ~ 

~ Energy Healing ~ Connecting to Creation  ~ Vibration & Frequency

~ Soul Needs & Ego Needs ~ Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy ~

~ Exploration of Death and Dying  ~ Exploring Spiritual Crisis & Dark Night of the Soul.   


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