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Mandi Kendell

~ Find meaningful connection with your true self ~

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Psychotherapy is used for treating a wide range of issues that affect our overall emotional well being and mental health. The goal of psychotherapy over time is to improve how we're feeling and behaving. Psychotherapy often promotes self awareness and self discovery. It often involves a process of healing old wounds, as well as providing constructive ways to cope with daily stressors. As a therapist, I help guide clients to find clarity on the issues they are facing in life. Often these issues involve moving through stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. A lot of the work I help clients with involves addressing limiting beliefs and healing childhood wounds. We work with the various parts of self, including parts that may be holding on to buried emotion or self sabotaging behaviors. Relationship issues and family challenges are also a common theme that come up in therapy, so we navigate these challenges together as well.


Additional Services

Energy Medicine:

* 1:1 Breathwork &  Sound *  
* Mini-Retreats *

Guided meditations used to help balance the mind/body through releasing stagnant energy and buried emotions.  

Sky Full of Light

Spiritual Mentoring

Incorporating spirituality into our wellness practice. With an emphasis on connection, every person's spiritual practice will look unique to them.

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About Mandi Kendell

Mandi is a Registered Psychotherapist who has a deep passion for guiding others down their own path of emotional healing and self discovery. With a diverse background both personally and professionally, Mandi has an approachable demeanor as well as an innate ability to connect easily with others.   

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