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Mandi Kendell


~ Find meaningful connection with your true self ~

Individual Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is used for treating mental health issues and addresses a range of topics that pertain to our overall emotional well-being. The goal of psychotherapy over time is to improve how we're feeling and behaving. Psychotherapy often promotes self awareness and self discovery. It often involves a process of healing old wounds, as well as providing constructive ways to cope with the daily stressors of life.  

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Additional Services

Group Therapy & Support

An excellent alternative to 1:1 therapy allowing us to explore our experiences and feelings with the support of other people.

Support Group Meeting

Breathwork & Sound Baths

Guided meditations used to help balance the mind/body through releasing stagnant energy and buried emotions.  

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Mind Your Business

Mindful Awareness & Emotional Learning For Kids

(Curriculum / Workshop) 


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About Mandi Kendell

Mandi is a Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying who has a deep passion for guiding others down their own path of emotional healing and self discovery. With a diverse background, both personally and professionally, Mandi has an approachable demeanor as well as an innate ability to connect easily with others.