Image by Kate Kalvach

Groups & Support

~ Heal through connection. You are not alone.~

Group Therapy (18+) is a more affordable option than 1:1 therapy, while still creating a safe space for clients to feel supported and understood. The group dynamic often encourages us to find new levels of self-awareness, through mutual respect and understanding with other members of the group.


Now more than ever, we can be completely surrounded by others, while still feeling incredibly isolated and alone. As social beings, connectedness plays an essential role in our well-being, which is why it is such an important theme in group therapy. ​There can be tremendous healing in knowing that we are simply not alone, in our thoughts and feelings.

Group therapy requires a level of commitment from all participants, and often results in a very profound and rewarding overall experience.   

Mandi Kendell Therapy is honored to offer the healing space of  
Group Therapy in January 2022. 

~Schedules and group session topics to follow~